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Indira Bajramovic

Name: Indira Bajramovic

Dates: present

Why she rocks: Indira is a Rroma politician who raises awareness of violence against Rroma women, oversees legal persecution of abusers and heads the organization Youth at Risk which works to help and protect Rroma youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Quote: “Keep on learning, because the more you know, the more you can help others.”

Because of this woman: More Rroma women are becoming involved in politics and representing their people, the world is learning about the problems faced by Rroma women and youth and abuse against them is pursued more by the law.

Links: - her organization

Have you done JK Rowling on this page yet??

OOOO I haven’t… good suggestion Mel! Coming right up! =D

I'm not sure if you you accept FAAB people on this tumblr, but I thought I would submit anyways! :)

I haven’t before, because I tend to write about women who self-identify as female, and I don’t want to disrespect anyone by identifying them as female, if that is not something they personally identify as. Like maybe someone is FAAB, but identifies as male or genderqueer, and I don’t want to put the “WOMAN” label on them if that’s not what they want to be…

However, I really love your submission, so I am gonna put it up anyways. Because regardless, I love having more trans visibility <3

Openly gay Latina wins Texas state house seat


(Courtesy Mary Gonzalez)

Mary Gonzalez told them she was the best candidate to represent them and El Paso voters agreed, but along the way, the 28-year-old doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin broke her share of barriers.

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